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tv   Hip Hop Hijabis  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2018 1:32am-2:01am +03

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the syrian observatory for human rights says the explosion appeared to target the headquarters of an opposition faction of the attack took place as syrian government forces and their allies continued their advance to recapture adlib province from the rebels it's cost thousands of civilians to flee towards the border with turkey in freezing winter conditions it is the largest remaining rebel held territory in syria since i still driven out late last year the former white house chief strategist steve bannon is trying to make amends with the us president he reaffirmed his support for donald trump in a statement after becoming the main source for a damaging book about trump's presidency trump continues to denounce the fire and fury because lies it was written by journalist michael wolff and the german chancellor angela merkel says she's optimistic about forming a coalition government almost four months after the country's general election talks of resumed in berlin between a christian democrat party and the social democrats form a coalition partners. top stories witness looks at the hip hop head
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jobbies that's coming up next they without zero. zero. swear every jew it's. ok i'm only. just a little bit out. of my own good. how do you. even sebastian the flapper being in fights with.
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leave live there and i'm going to school with different guys right on the talent show called. why don't we get together and it was going to be like that like me saying her family think i came from. your place. we perform together as possible government for years before it's a small consulate my way from j.f.k. to big to k. . because my son my son when i hit the house i grew up in a household where my mom is extremely religious. changes that i went to was very support you go to most all pentecostal churches they are very lively. so i was very used to hearing music that was about praise but that was very positive so that definitely impacted on my idea what music is supposed to be about
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. and the passion because my license to see. it was. when they are alive like we've always been on the spiritual journey to we've been seeking something and i think a person for whom it was a kind of natural continuation of that journey and that search that's kind of a boys together in the first place our kind of quest for the truth you know there's an earthquake quote below like when the earthquake why we were made again let's see whether. it would be disturbed. are you looking for as well so why are you with some of the. ok so it's not finished at all and i remember like this before the the he is create
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it's great lights illustrates the levels of hate he made i was not aware the argument of light means that been around or anything like that in tow i have embrace islam. many many years ago when i met this muslim lady she said to me that the basics is that you have to cover your head and of course you know you have to wear the the the the loose clothes as well which you guys do because you don't want people to see you know your sexual out like yeah so of course and that's also i suppose to keep you know in conspicuous rights and then suddenly you got on stage you know i thought that is the goal isn't it is it just may always a conflict in some hell there's obviously people to follow a very strict kind of possibility for the what we do is also into miscible and they will message us weekly on facebook why do you do this when you know that what you do is forbid you know and i would like. if it was
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a bit and i wouldn't want to have someone like e-mailed us and say what you do this but didn't you go into how would you send people to hell is highly disrespectful and it is offensive an answer in his long term that is used as horror so basically what they're saying is that i think music is the is condemning it's to help exactly for most of us when i think about hip hop and we think about snoop dogg in the ninety's if you think about he's videos know the rest of it and it's very very sexual in the i mean but here you are you girls are in that music genre if you like and of course you know sexuality should not come into play because your muslim converts to me hip hop has never been this kind of sexual the rocketry art form i know it exists within and within the spectrum of hip hop but it's not helpful to me .
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to go somewhere so we have no manager we have no money and we've just got like a little passion and a little face. you. suddenly were like all over the world it's been a slow while you know this. it's beyond even what i could have easily imagine you raise your hand when you squeeze makes a noise like going to get me. this is ok q but mostly chicken my kids come back you must be puppets in about eight. hundred children. you don't go to him over the detention you told me they can be called you betcha but facts about people like you know you just take the job or head back to. you. and that is just like you know quite like me must go to pay the bills will be killed if you can be run by the people like this like.
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there are many life overlaps between hip hop and islamic culture. i feel for the complementary. wow i did and all of these well you all are in the heaven right now because some like islamics miles you like. the black man the man how about what you learned that was. all classic let's hope that moment. yeah it was just. one day when i got married what my husband ok but. i'm not really know my islam outside of being married. when he grateful that i did meet someone who
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compatible with you know so let me be an artist never been so he's been uncomfortable with or the two men say it's buy or anything because he's also not as . yeah so i don't want to fish on them but you don't need no more you know but i have to cook and it's a lot of trouble with the. boil it up to get the whole head of. the bowl who i'll grab it and roy. i enjoyed living with sakineh mohammadi but strike ok to be a year because music you know wet with each other was like you know best friends are like little bits of it i think was a little bit much to both of us as well so this is good. and sometimes unfortunately when you convert to islam. is that you get married now i've had situations where you know i was speaking to barbers and they quite clearly
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said if you quit what you do there now are you it is it's harder but i mean it's just like if i wasn't on stage i probably wouldn't find the right person. i feel the buy that i've done so b. and the problem may be i'm not done simply share my world with the not bad things like a dream so far but wait remember when you came his day when afghan it's a feel disappointed that. they can't get into that khaki job in. the reason one of the band growing up is that burning them is very much an enormous sum and as you know that's. the only place that i've heard you says if you have music as bradford said there might be some sense of you versus just performing to music like there was in the pool. maybe guys to do a spoken word. it's up to you guys really you know you know you're dependent i mean
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i just think that market is a general rule of of music and then that's fine if i just don't think it's it's bad that i tell you very clearly with a sense of very very little it's wrong it's right you know for it it's going to tell you straight if the problem is the sisters so we're going to change it because then the sisters then really didn't understand the whole message or market so this is a relative that markham games i see a tree of voice of the women are kind of and i should be to try to engage in the people with no disrespect made a tool for these older people didn't and that's the will to suck a between the older generation and younger generation that will be all ready for them is love and hip hop what they have in breath but that is what is this is too crazy we cannot force i will if you. know what you see when the flyer blatantly say some of the band's music oh so that's what this series is this
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is going to say well as they know what. this is all for more so if they don't know that this is what and company this is a i mean if we're going down with like oh you know. now he's willing to do this why have you done that thing to them they're absolutely right what you think about music being around what you think about when a foreman is right. when i converted to islam i see the biggest concern obviously was a role of women cultures or societies of the story it's long for their own kind of you know men have used it in a way to oppress women but that's not why law said and that's not what the prophet peace be upon him left behind. the. noise. was a maiden. st no one at the greek
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the people to meet the people of the mom on the street the streets make me strong enough to get in my. beginning to. come. to you you came to. me and you told me to keep the. seat to you and do you think the business is merely by cope with the other. side of the. cdrom for a. days for me more religious than no let me come on just what my normal bungling was michael heard that people feel as
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a woman being on stage is her kind of exposing herself the horse of the woman they say is like a part of her private parts that shouldn't be seen by the public. this one's good daughters. speired the fact that women are the formulas we're often told will have to force an event so that people who have to sit down or the law allowed. to walk around like to grab his do have. this argument to this is a fact that is almost unheard there's almost before us they say. i'm not supposed to be. errantly i'm not even the hostess stand here and hold the attention i can't watch but i am here i am so how long
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how do you feel oppressed is he soldiers that have to really win their own place in the society women and the nation this is why what is contemporary burying them are the i have a lot of hope and you know what genesis i heard last. night and. cursed. there was no. open space for help and. not you as you are. our biggest dilemma right now is like what do we do. if we perform
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only spoken word or only poetry and we would feel it would almost seem as though we've been defeated in a way and we've allowed some of the kind of come in and six say to us what we call a do i think. my potential i gave enough is fear of failure but is fear of other people's opinions. but i think really my fears are to do with my spiritual life my potential what i can do in this world and what i could offer in this world because i think my experiences in life i'm able to give something back and it's almost as if i don't there maybe things are being frugal. arabic term and house understood in islam is about people coming together to have
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a sense of responsibility towards each other. if you have wealth you have a responsibility to make sure all of those around you are able to eat. this so much blesses and so much good that you receive from giving. i just may say i hope that one of the guys happy here tonight does that mean you don't but i hope the homeless person all day gets fed. tonight we've got a pack not for your visit entertain we've got comedians we've got singles archipelago. and we've got options and we've got time when you can actually get rid
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of some of the money some of you have got to go to give me fifty pounds for that you're doing your house fifty you got damn touch anything as perfect soldier brother had about running a post. do you know something you do with me on the day. right here with me good luck to you nobody really where. they told you he was going to be. carried out here in our carrier pick her up maybe. i'll call you guys for your pension. ok i really would appreciate if you guys know so much you can decide to support his father who if you can't beat him without life three minutes or so that's ok because it's not easy being on stage.
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before i was born i took two oaths one to testify that there was none but he and the other two right in the name of he the most righteous and told the souls of the voiceless can be set free. i've shed alys requests being let down backstreets is rat rolled all over me cold and exposed survivability i've sat in corners as he stands over me he wishes to offload to meet rolled my soul and so i cannot stand a very stench of welcome to the birth of the death of my chastity desperately seeking to fill my wants now to love but all he has to offer is. so and tell my lords lave my whiteley's to rest i pray that my last where it's most smell sound in taste something very similar to this and me. thank you thank you.
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thank. you thank you very much for your software to programming. i feel i have been doing this too long to be in environments like this where people pay like a lot of money call it in a slot entertain me personally i've never on the planet this effort ever regarded myself as an entertainer not an entertainer. this is an entertainment it's not supposed to make you laugh or make you feel warm and fuzzy inside this thing but. i'm never going to do this. we never really make much money out of. being in
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morocco is like really exciting but it's also like a big honor because it's the first time we've had the opportunity to perform in a muslim country. but only just large and. i feel connected to go to many different times but especially when one traveling especially on travel what's it will commit is just a sense of gratitude. when you are in a paradigm which is kind of being given to you by way of rules all the time you can lose the heart and the spirit and the and the reason why you became muslim in the first place.
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when it comes to god always been on the journey. i've always been aware of the soofi kind of way and i've always been inclined to win but i didn't really know where to go. out. in the field of any lack of either so if you pop is from a ship to creativity. in some coaches musical instruments are a big part of worship too so you'll just find people using you say can sing it. since it exists in. the sense to
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us the sense that some such i don't know. that it. oh. the reason is because she is in the school. there was a little bit of that. i really admired the kind of culture where women can kind of take back the reins and that relationship with a lot i love the way they want to get together every friday the way they play the
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musical instrument is the way they saying and the way they do this is what it's about islam is a religion it should allow you to be creative and within your relationships so. easy easy to believe believe. illegal. you. know the world. just. never let me. stop you.
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in the book. and it has to take. a good. deal so. don't. give. up my. free. love. how our. you. know. everybody loves hip hop people in america and in palestine in jamaica people has always been used as a tool to speak to people. who god is of like the you know where you're coming from
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just because your religious doesn't mean that you can't partake in this world. and still it has place where i'm comfortable in being listed every time i come to somewhere like rocco and just see different coaches expressing themselves in different ways it makes me feel more comfortable and actually i don't have to like the specifics to still belong to this specific group within within you know crystal ball game from these experiences isn't just music like we came so much inside biennale these different countries and the like because it's in some way kind of use what we've learned. but you know we just need to think about what we do in the west we can imitate other people we need to try and find something that is and
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still frantically is long. term. mission man. to you. to take a step. it's unlikely the band members to travel to the birthplace of the music they love and share a stage with a legend they cherish. but did not. ask for at this time. and hundred forty on. u.s.
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and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. it's something very strong and you could meet someone an ambitious young artist from the mean streets of mozambique to settle it to reveal the truth about his country. to the muslim people he didn't close to see because the college. the african photography. at this time now disease. also one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get
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them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place where two worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. two hours to get to on joyce and the rest central by record about the same time but more importantly is why those two cultures north and south america beats have to teach it like it's a very important place for all to do it's a big. this is al-jazeera. the whole robin this is the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes mass evacuation nigerians trapped in slave like a.


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